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--- Comment #8 from Robert Clipsham <> 2010-03-30 
22:31:36 BST ---
Ignoring the above patch, and removing lines 1447 and 1469 (both DW_AT_type) of
backend/dwarf.c, fixes this and most of the function pointer related debugging
issues, and unlike the attached patch creates the correct debug info (the patch
creates debug info that works but isn't the correct way to do it). The only
situations it doesn't not fix involve:
// T and U can be any type
T function(U function(/*Any args here*/)) funcptr;
Where dmd created invalid information for .debug_range, and when attempting to
read the debug info both readelf and objdump degfault, gdb continues to DIE. If
I cannot fix this issue then this fix should be applied for now, as the
situation is still far better than it is currently (debug info for phobos and
druntime works, and most apps I've encountered don't use the above).

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