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druntime support for building phobos.dll

The major changes are in druntime and involve splitting files into the part
that can be shared in a single DLL and the functions that must exist per

- move moduleCtor/Dtor, etc. from object_.di into new file moduleinit.d (had to
copy some ModuleInfo (back?) declarations to object.di to compile)
- move extern(C) main() from dmain2.d into new file cmain.d
- exclude __LDBLULLNG() in llmath.d because it is already in snn.lib
- build druntime.obj with "-exportall" instead of druntime.lib excluding
moduleinit.d, cmain.d and a few more
- extracted stuff from dll_helper.d into new file shared_dll_helper.d and added
a few more functions to support patching relocations

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