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changes to phobos to build phobos.dll

The patches to phobos are more-or-less limited to the makefile and adding 2

- phobos: build phobos.obj with "-exportall" instead of phobos.lib
- add def-file exporting any sensible symbol from the C compiled modules and
- add dllmain.d that works along the line of the new dll-support in dmd 2.042
- build phobos.dll from druntime.obj, C compiled modules and the object files
not included in druntime.obj using the def-file
- use implib to create import library phobos_shared.lib (the optlink /IMLIB
creates a corrupted lib)
- add modules to the lib that must exist in each binary: minit.obj,
moduleinit.obj, cmain.obj, dll_helper.obj, etc.
- extracted some modules from snn.lib (constart, dllstart, winstart, excptlst,
cinit, ehinit, setargv, tlsdata, tlsseg, clearbss) and put them in new lib

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