--- Comment #5 from Don <> 2010-04-12 13:51:13 PDT ---
See also the closely related bug 2935.
I can patch this (against svn 433) with these two changes (and the DMD test
suite still passes), which basically just remove the checks, in the case where
a CTFE variable is used. I'm not certain these patches are correct, though.

-- PATCH ------------------------------------------
tocsym.c, line 170:

Symbol *VarDeclaration::toSymbol()
    //printf("VarDeclaration::toSymbol(%s)\n", toChars());
    //if (needThis()) *(char*)0=0;
+    if (!isCTFE())

and secondly, in e2ir.c, SymbolExp::toElem() line 664:

    //printf("SymbolExp::toElem('%s') %p\n", toChars(), this);
    //printf("\tparent = '%s'\n", var->parent ? var->parent->toChars() :
-    if (op == TOKvar && var->needThis())
+    if (op == TOKvar && var->needThis() && !v->isCTFE())
        error("need 'this' to access member %s", toChars());
        return el_long(TYint, 0);


A totally different (and probably better) alternative would be to fix it in
expression.c, around line 6770, when the temporary variable is created. If
(!sc->func), it's being created in global scope, and should be neither in
STCfield nor STCextern storage class. But I'm not sure how this should be done.

            // First look for constructor
            if (ad->ctor && arguments && arguments->dim)
                // Create variable that will get constructed
                Identifier *idtmp = Lexer::uniqueId("__ctmp");
                VarDeclaration *tmp = new VarDeclaration(loc, t1, idtmp, NULL);
                tmp->storage_class |= STCctfe;
+                if (!sc->func) { 
+   // it's being created in global scope. Do something!!

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