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With dmd 2.043 that program generates the error messages:

test.d(2): Error: must import std.math to use ^^ operator
test.d(2): Error: undefined identifier module test.std
test.d(2): Error: no property 'math' for type 'void'
Error: no property 'sqrt' for type 'int'
test.d(2): Error: function expected before (), not __error of type int

That can be improved a little (and they are too many).

Don has noted that the implementation of X^^Y when Y is a floating point
reqires several function of std.math, and it's not an used frequently operation
in D code (on the other hand X^^0.5 is more common, and it just requires sqrt,
that doesn't require much code). 

So it's possible to require the import std.math when a X^^FP is used. This is
not nice, because it seems unnatural to require module imports to use a
built-in operator, but it can be an acceptable compromise on a practical basis
(if such compromise is adopted, the D documentation has to explain it.)

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