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Fix some plumbing and change the dwarf code to emit ref types.

The ref'ness was lost before it got into the dwarf stage, but also easy to fix,
assuming that Walter is right about the backend being ready to handle TYref's

I've attached the diff I've whipped up.  It does work to emit the right debug
info, but I haven't tested it on much more than the simplest code
(specifically, the code at the top of this bug report).

A snippit from a gdb session:

Breakpoint 1, (x...@0xbffff62c) at inline.d:5
5      ++x;
(gdb) print x
$1 = (int &) @0xbffff62c: 0
(gdb) next
0x08049112 in (x...@0xbffff62c)
(gdb) print x
$2 = (int &) @0xbffff62c: 1

So, gdb is using C++ style demangling, but that can be addressed by someone
working on gdb.

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