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--- Comment #2 from 2010-05-09 09:22:47 PDT ---
std.string.chomp removes an optionally present trailing newline (that can be
different on different operating systems, one or two chars, there are three
variants of it). I will keep needing chomp functionality in future, and this is
not a job fit for generic ranges/algorithms. So you are wrong.

I think Andrei agrees with me that Phobos2 can keep a std.string that contains
things designed to be fit for strings. Some of such things can be just light
wrappers around algorithms and ranges, but some of them are specific for

An API for some handy string functions will be necessary still. And such API
will be probably similar to the current one. So this bug report is valid still,
because I think std.string.chop is not good and can be removed.

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