--- Comment #1 from 2010-05-22 14:24:20 PDT ---
A comment by Adam Ruppe:
> I don't think that's a bug. It should only worry about converting, not
> filtering out bad stuff. That's an orthogonal problem that the other
> function does well, and easily too.

It's not a bug. But saying it's an orthogonal problem is not enough.

You must keep a balance between having a so flexible language/stdlib that's
sloppy and can lead to bugs, and to have as much orthogonal functions as
possible that are fussy and can lead to opposite kinds of bugs.

Often if I have to convert strings to numbers that have a leading newline.
Converting such string with leading newline to a number is not sloppiness
because my experience shows me it doesn't cause bugs in Python.

The way to!() is currently designed forces me to remove the spaces often. This
has caused a bug in one script-like D program.

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