--- Comment #5 from 2010-05-23 00:14:12 PDT ---
I figure dmd doesn't report these string imports because it would require full
semantic analysis of the code. Which would be much slower, making the -deps
mode less useful.

Maybe the compiler should provide an "-a" flag, which automatically builds all
imported modules? Incremental building is broken anyway (at least due to bug
3274, other reasons include CTFE, which subverts module dependencies, and some
types of out-of-declaration bugs [forward refs]).

Then dmd would need to run semantically analysis only once to build a program.
To facilitate building relatively independent packages as libraries, another
flag could be added to dmd to exclude certain package paths using glob

Sorry for the previous comment, I think I accidentally hit soem key
combination, that made the browser to submit the form.

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