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> If a recursive function keeps calling itself, or two functions
> keep calling each other (other possibilities exist, but those two cover most
> cases), the stack trace can become too much long to print and read.
> So just looking at the latest stack frame printed and penultimate stack frame
> printed it can compress it, reporting only how many time the last one or the
> last two ones are repeated (the uncompressed stack trace can be obtained too
> (on request if the compressed one is on default, otherwise it's the compressed
> one that's on request), that shows all the line numbers too).

That's what's done with the template instantiation backtraces in the compiler,
and I think it works very well. The basic idea is to always print out the first
few frames, and only start looking for recursion beginning at frame 3 or 4.
I intend to add something similar to the interpreter, so that we have a CTFE
stack trace. Still needs work though.

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