yebblies <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Some std.algorithm ranges   |Some phobos ranges are not
                   |are not forward ranges (but |forward ranges (but should
                   |should be)                  |be)

--- Comment #3 from yebblies <> 2010-06-23 22:15:25 PDT ---
std.numeric: GapWeightedSimilarityIncremental
std.random: LinearCongruentialEngine, MersenneTwisterEngine, RandomCover,
std.range: Radial, Repeat, Cycle, Recurrence, FrontTransversal, Transversal
std.regex: Regex
std.regexp: Splitter
std.algorithm: Filter, Splitter, Uniq, Group, Until, SetUnion, SetIntersection,
SetDifference, SetSymmetricDifference
std.container: SList(T).Range

This list is of any structs that define popFront and do not define save, and
seem to support copying.  I've excluded any types with allocated storage,
unless they define a copy constructor.  I've also excluded any that are
obviously designed to be input ranges (have a File handle etc) but a couple may
have slipped through.

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