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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2010-07-07 
10:44:57 PDT ---
Per TDPL, you should have to call these with the syntax c1.Alive.isDead() and
c1.Dead.isDead() and c1.isDead() is disallowed. So, obviously the current
version of dmd doesn't match TDPL in that respect.

Also, I should point out that per TDPL, to call either of them as isDead
without parens like you did would require the functions to be marked with
@property, otherwise you would have to have parens. DMD doesn't actually
require that yet. It would, however, raise the question of what to do in the
case where one of the two interfaces had isDead() declared as a property while
the other declared it as a non-property function. Would isDead call the
property version and isDead() call the non-property version, or would both be

Regardless, it is a bit bizarre to allow interfaces to have properties when
they can't have member variables, since properties emulate public member
variables. But I'm not sure that that's really a problem so much as just a bit

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