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>> undoing false dependency
> Can you elaborate a little on why having bug 859 as a tracker of all missing
> inline oportunities is a bad thing?
> Thanks

Replying outside bugzilla, no reason to clutter up all those reports with more
stuff unrelated to the specifics of the reports themselves.

Using a real report as a tracker is almost always a bad idea.  Using this case
as an example and assuming that 859 was an inlining bug:  What's the right thing
to do when 859's issue is fixed but all the rest aren't?  If it wasn't a
tracker, the right thing would be to close 859 and move on.  But trackers should
only be closed when all the depends-on's are fixed.  See the problem?

The next reason that it's a bad idea is that 859 isn't a missed inline
opportunity.  The code in question is inlined.  Something else in in play --
still looking into it.  So, fixed or not, the depend-on's aren't accurate any
more either.. or at least some aren't.

I'm also of the general opinion that trackers aren't generally useful either,
but in this case it goes beyond that.  Inlining bugs are easy to locate with the
search feature.. just search for all bugs with inline in the subject.  Done.  

That help?


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