--- Comment #5 from 2010-07-17 08:40:57 PDT ---

> Ok, I see your point, but if map is going to work with opApply it will no
> longer be able to provide the standard range interface.

Yes, that's what I meant with giving as many capabilities as possible.

> Either way this is an enhancement request and not a bug.

Here there is a blurry line between bug and enhancement request. If map!
doesn't work with opApply I have to write new versions of map, filter, etc,
different from the standard ones. Missing one crucial functionality can be seen
as a kind of bug.

> map!func(structWithOpApply) would also no longer work with most of
> std.algorithm without extensive (and maybe impossible) modifications.

I am not asking for impossible changes. Just to make them work with what can
work. Othrwise I have to reinvent the wheel in my code.

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