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(In reply to comment #34)
> I don't really use D2 (all my code is in D1). Porting it to D2 will require
> dealing with the recently added array append stuff. Not sure how hard that
> would be, but currently I have no intention doing the port myself.
> Also note that the GC mark code is unoptimized. I'm not sure how much
> optimization potential there is, but my own attempts have been unsuccessful so
> far.
> About the 64 bit issue: to me it looked like dmd can never cross compile, and
> if you want to compile it as 64 bit app, it must generate 64 bit code. Or is
> that wrong?

I don't know how it should finally be, but right now, even if you compile DMD
as a 64 bits app, it generates 32 bits code (I didn't even find any options to
make it generate 64 bits code :).

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