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--- Comment #4 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2010-07-27 
14:54:00 PDT ---
Except that /// and /** */ are already supported in D and used by doxygen. So,
if you're looking for doxygen support, we already have it. It's true that //!
is another way to do comments that doxygen supports, but it's not necessary.

Also, what exactly is this patch supposed to do? Does it make it so that //!
are treated like ddoc comments? Because //! is already a perfectly legitimate
comment because it starts with //, and doxygen will read it exactly the same
way it reads ///. If it is the case that it's ddoc comments that you're looking
for, I'd argue that you should actually use /++ +/ rather than a doxygen style
since doxygen comments are done differently than ddoc comments anyway (doxygen
favoring tags and ddoc comments being freeform).

Regardless, I don't care one way or another whether this patch gets included. I
just don't see the point.

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