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> Created an attachment (id=701) [details]
> D1 - patch for Tango's runtime to enable precise GC scanning
> - lots of nasty refactoring in gcx.d:

Even when I agree that the GC needs a lot of refactoring, I don't think it's a
good idea to include it in this patch, it makes much harder to understand it
and it might introduce some subtle bugs that will be very hard to track down in
so many changes.

I'm working on a GC that was based on the Tango (0.99.9) GC and doing a lot of
refactoring myself. The refactoring of things introduced by the patch looks
really nice though.

> Also, shouldn't functions like freeNoSync check for interior pointers? What
> happens if you call it with such a pointer?

I don't think so, it should be undefined behavior (based on C's free()).


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