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--- Comment #3 from Don <> 2010-08-04 05:56:19 PDT ---
IMHO, this bug should be closed as invalid, because the initial suggestion in
the bug report is completely wrong: it would drive you to put low-level stuff
in the root, and derived stuff in the leaves. Implementing that suggestion
would encourage poor design. 

The current behaviour of 'package' in D seems nearly identical to the one in
Java. Java has the same problem.

Here is a Java proposal to fix the problem, which was ultimately rejected.

"Today designers are forced to declare elements of the program that are needed
by other subparts of the implementation as public - thereby making them
globally accessible, which is clearly suboptimal.
Alternately, the entire implementation can be placed in a single package. This
resolves the issue above, but is unwieldy, and exposes all internals of all
subparts to each other. "

I also found this link to be helpful:

I can't really escape the feeling that 'package' is a bit of a flawed concept.
The problems with it don't seem easy to fix.

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