--- Comment #8 from 2010-08-04 08:20:32 PDT ---
Steven Schveighoffer:

> Well, I would assume it would return an int[][], which probably would mean
> nothing since arrays are pointer/length values, and any pointer/length values
> read from a file would be bogus.  I'd say read should reject reading elements
> that have references in them.

Yes, you are right, I probably meant a static array, so this reads a dynamic
array of ints:!(int[])();
A static array of two ints:!(int[2])();
A static array of static array of ints (the memory of a fixed-size matrix is
contiguous in D):!(int[2][5])();

The problem is that such syntax doesn't read the items of the static array
in-place, the result is a static array that gets copied. So you need an
argument by ref:

int[2][5] m; T m);

I don't like this a lot.

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