--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2010-08-10 13:10:44 PDT ---
This one seems to be really general. I think it's the cause of very many
compiler bugs. Here's a pile of cases which ICE.

struct MyStruct {}
alias const (MyStruct)* MyGoodConst; //OK
alias const MyStruct* MyConst; //ice

alias shared MyStruct* MyShared; //ice
alias shared MyStruct[] MySharedArray; //ice

alias int MyInt;
alias const MyInt[3] MyConstInt; // ice

It happens with const, shared, or immutable, and with *, [], [3], etc --
anything which is a BasicType2.

Interestingly it doesn't seem to happen with typedef, even though the code in
parse.c is almost identical.

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