--- Comment #4 from Michel Fortin <> 2010-08-11 
15:33:11 EDT ---
The problem with structs is that many structs will need a destructor because
they encapsulate a resource not managed by the GC. That destructor can be made
GC-heap safe, and thus this struct can be put in a class. For instance, a File
struct wrapping a file handle could easily be made GC-heap safe if it's
destructor just calls fclose(handle), and thus could be put in a class. Are you
willing to make this File struct unusable in SafeD? Or std.container.Array,
which is totally safe to use on the heap too?

So I think there is a need to distinguish GC-safe structs from those that
aren't. Forbidding all structs with a destructor to be put on the heap in SafeD
is going to prevent too many useful things. Obviously, the struct itself would
need a @trusted destructor.

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