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(In reply to comment #19)
> Don, which version of the patch did you apply - the one attached here or the
> one I applied to LDC? Selective imports work correctly in LDC, so maybe 
> there's
> some extra work needed for D2. I also expect the patch to require some work
> with regard to overload resolution, it works differently in D2.

The one attached here. Although I've found some problems with selective
imports, I no longer think they are the fault of this patch. For example, the
existing release of D1 doesn't like this example:
import std.stdio : writefln;
void main() {

test0.d(338): Error: undefined identifier std
Error: no property 'writefln' for type 'TOK149'
test0.d(338): Error: function expected before (), not __error of type TOK149
After applying the patch and my change to Id::object, and fixing a bug in each
of druntime, Phobos, and the test suite, all Phobos unittests pass, and the DMD
test suite passes all tests. Looks great to me.

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