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> This is an interesting idea, but I see two reasons it'll not work fro D. 
> First,
> D doesn't emit special code notifying the GC when assigning to a pointer, so
> the GC would have to do a full scan again after a collection just to check if
> someone resurrected a memory block.

This isn't so much of a problem if you assume objects with finalizers are rare.
They can be collected in the next GC cycle.

> The second reason is the D2 multithreading model. The GC might run on a
> different thread. If you resurrect a non-shared object, that object won't live
> on the same thread anymore but might continue to reference non-shared memory
> from other threads. This is in violation of the thread-safe type system.

Good point. By definition, if the object is not shared(), the finalizer (or
anything) must not run on a different thread. It doesn't matter if you access
references or not. I wonder how D2 can have finalizers at all with this.

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