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--- Comment #3 from David Simcha <> 2010-08-17 17:39:01 PDT ---
Ok, so this is a legit diagnostic bug.  I'll grant you that.  However, thinking
that Map!("a + 1", Range) and Map!("a + 2", Range) are the same type represents
a serious misunderstanding of template alias parameters.  The binding of the
lambda function to the Map instance happens at compile time, not runtime. 
Let's try a thought experiment, thinking at the C level.  What would happen if
Map!"a + 2" were cast to Map!"a + 1" and front() were called?

Map!"a + 1".front() would be called.  Inlined (probably) in Map!"a + 1".front()
is something like return _input.front + 1.

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