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(In reply to comment #1)
> 1. Walter hates warnings. He pretty much thinks that everything should either
> be an error or not. So, you're generally going to have a hard time getting him
> to make anything a warning.

I beg to differ, but it's his language, so he is allowed to enforce that.

> 2. Returning a value from a void function is outright incorrect. It's not that
> it _might_ be incorrect or that it _might_ cause errors. It is _definitely_
> incorrect. I have no idea why gcc wouldn't make that an outright error. It
> should be. Then again, C is historically lax about a lot of things that you'd
> think that it would consider errors, so that's probably why. Still, I see no
> reason to make D match gcc is this regard. D makes the correct choice here.

OK then, when the package maintainer goes chasing up my street for the software
affected by the update, I'll let him know it's his fault. ;-)

I still think this should be a diagnostic bug though, as the error message does
not relate in any way to what the programmer is trying to do.

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