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--- Comment #26 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2010-08-22 
13:50:51 PDT ---
I don't know what the current state of stack traces is overall or where it is
with regards to work being done on them, but I would point out that all you get
on Linux right now is a list of addresses. e.g.

object.except...@gregorian.d(241): Invalid year.
./test() [0x805936a]
./test() [0x804b168]
./test() [0x804b269]
./test() [0x805b9fb]
./test() [0x8068d3c]
./test() [0x8060bed]
./test() [0x8068c57]
./test() [0x8061a88]
./test() [0x80619b0]
./test() [0x8061956]
/opt/lib32/lib/ [0xf75cdc76]
./test() [0x8049341]

So, as it stands (using dmd 2.048), stack traces on Linux are pretty useless. I
would assume that Sean is aware of this, but I thought that I should post a
reminder of the current state of stack traces on Linux.

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