Hi All -

I'm just getting started with D, and I'm liking it so far, thanks to
everyone for all the hard work.

I was doing some string work and found that toupper() is failing on my char[]
array, although tolower() does work.  E.g.  these two examples:

    char[] s;
    s ~= "Hello";
    auto s_low = s.tolower();
    auto s_up = s.toupper();

The tolower works but the toupper fails (error at the bottom of this message).
For reference I'm using 2.048.

I noticed that tolower() and toupper() have different implementations, although
there was a section commented out in tolower() that looks just like the toupper

I converted toupper() to use essentially the same code as tolower() and all
seems to work well. e.g.

S toupper(S)(S s) if (isSomeString!S)
    foreach (i, dchar c; s)
        if (!std.uni.isUniLower(c)) continue;
        auto result = s[0.. i].dup;
        foreach (dchar c; s[i .. $])
            if (std.uni.isUniLower(c))
                c = std.uni.toUniUpper(c);
            result ~= c;
        return cast(S) result;
    return s;

Perhaps toupper() was in the midst of being changed when this snapshot of the
code was made?  Anyway, I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Thanks again,
Erin Scott Sheldon

/home/esheldon/local/dmd2/linux/bin/../../src/phobos/std/string.d(968): Error: 
cannot implicitly convert expression (changed ? 
cast(const(char)[])assumeUnique(r) : s) of type const(char)[] to char[]
/home/esheldon/local/dmd2/linux/bin/../../src/phobos/std/string.d(11): Error: 
template instance std.string.toupper!(char[]) error instantiating

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