--- Comment #2 from Don <> 2010-08-30 13:52:14 PDT ---
This bug was triggered by svn commit 273, which was related to opDispatch.
The immediate change was in CallExp::semantic(). Previously, it attempted full
instantiation, and if that failed, it tried partial explicit instantiation.
After this change, it calls needsTypeInference(). It does partial instantiation
if true, otherwise does full instantiation.
In this test case, there is one template which requires partial explicit
instantantion, and one which does not. So, in 2.036 and earlier, the full
instantiation succeeded, before it even considered the two-argument template.
Seems as though the code for explicit instantiation is slightly more capable at
the moment, than the partial instantiation code.

Bug 4430 is probably another instance of the same bug.

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