On Friday 03 September 2010 00:36:11 existen wrote:
> I've got 2 classes:
> class A {
>       private int _x = 5;
> }
> class B : A {
>       void output() {
>               writeln(_x);
>       }
> }
> When I call
> (new B).output()
> there is no compile-time or run-time errors. Is it correct?

This is the wrong list to send posts to. All of the posts here come from the 
tracker. Use digitalmars-d-learn for questions about how D works or how to do 
things in D.

As for your code, it looks just fine to me assuming that A and B are in the 
module. private is private to the module, not the class. If A and B are in 
separate modules, then B would not have access to _x, and it wouldn't work. For 
that to work, you'd need to make _x protected. But if they're in the same 
module, then it should work just fine.

- Jonathan M Davis

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