--- Comment #1 from Shin Fujishiro <> 2010-09-05 23:28:59 PDT 
Created an attachment (id=748)
Patch against dmd r660, implements DotExp::toCBuffer()

The attached patch implements DotExp::toCBuffer().

The syntax `something.template_instance` yields a DotExp.  The repro code in
comment #0 is invalid, and the compiler tries to generate an error message. 
Then it calls toCBuffer() on the DotExp object, but it's not overridden, so the
base class' BinExp::toCBuffer() is invoked.

It hits the assertion because `precedence[TOKdotexp]` is PREC_zero:
void BinExp::toCBuffer(OutBuffer *buf, HdrGenState *hgs)
    expToCBuffer(buf, hgs, e1, precedence[op]); // op == TOKdotexp

So, DotExp::toCBuffer() needs to be implemented to handle this case.

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