--- Comment #3 from Andrej Mitrovic <> 2010-09-11 
07:58:00 PDT ---
I think this might need renaming, but also I would want this to have additional
functionality. If some characters are capitalized, you should be able to
abbreviate by using only those chars, e.g.:

static string[] list = [ "FoodAndDrinks", "FoodAndCocacola" ];

auto abbrevs = std.string.abbrev(list);

foreach (key, value; abbrevs)
    writefln("%s => %s", key, value);

This should print out, among other things:
FAD => FoodAndDrinks
FooAD => FoodAndDrinks
FAC => FoodAndCocacola

Then it would be much more usable as an autocomplete feature. But I don't know
if this belongs in Phobos.

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