--- Comment #2 from Haruki Shigemori <> 2010-09-12 09:55:48 
PDT ---
Thank you for your reply.
If this characteristic is a design of DMD, I will close this bug report.
What do you think that both look like asymmetry?

import std.stdio;
class Base
    int f() {return 0;}
    int g() {return 0;}
class Derived : Base
    private override /+int+/ f() {return 1;} // accepts
    public  override /+int+/ g() {return 1;} // rejects
void main() {}

main.d(10): Error: function main.Derived.g of type () overrides but is not
covariant with main.Base.g of type int()
main.d(10): Error: function main.Derived.g does not override any function

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