--- Comment #2 from Juergen Lock <> 2010-09-14 
10:31:30 PDT ---
Maybe I was not clear :)  The problem is this:

% dmd -w -g xzj.d lzma/lzma.d -L-llzma
% grep main.\*args xzj.d
void main(string[] args)
% ./xzj
(ngdb) b _Dmain
Id  Enb Address            Where
1   y   0x804a077          D main(unsigned long long args): xzj.d:256
(ngdb) r foo bar
Stopped at breakpoint 1
D main(args=2895955435326537731): xzj.d:256
=> 259*        // --debug
(ngdb) p *cast(char [][] *)&args
$0 = (char[][]) ["./xzj", "foo", "bar"]
(ngdb) q

(same with the patched gdb only that doesn't understand the cast.)

 And meanwhile I found out this doesn't happen always:

% cat args.d
import std.stdio;

void main(string[] args)
        foreach(arg; args)
% dmd -g -w args.d
% ./args
(ngdb) b _Dmain
Id  Enb Address            Where
1   y   0x80491fb          D main(char[][] args): args.d:5
(ngdb) r foo bar
Stopped at breakpoint 1
D main(args=["./args", "foo", "bar"]): args.d:5
=>   5*        foreach(arg; args)
(ngdb) q

So now I probably should extract the most simple testcase that exhibits the
bug, I haven't done that yet so for now here are links to the xzj source:

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