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(In reply to comment #77)
> There's a small bug in the memory clearing in mallocNoSync(), that could cause
> memory leaks. Will post patch on request (nobody is using this anyway, 
> right?).

I ported it to my GC, so I'm interested in knowing what the bug is about to
check if I have it too.

> Also, I found out that that SENTINEL is dead code. Uncommenting the "debug =
> SENTINEL;" line on start of gcx.d will not include the code in
> "version(SENTINEL)" blocks, because "debug" identifiers and "version"
> identifiers live in different namespaces. Makes me wonder, does anyone ever 
> use
> the SENTINEL stuff for testing? Or just thought he'd be using it? Btw. someone
> said 16 bytes is the minimum alignment on OSX, so SENTINEL is broken there
> anyway.

Yeah, I think most of the versioned code is dead or close to it, because I
doubt anybody test it. In my GC, which makes SENTINEL and MEMSTOMP run-time
configurations, SENTINEL is broken and I didn't had the time to fix it yet.
MEMSTOMP seems to work though.

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