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--- Comment #13 from 2010-09-20 18:30:52 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #12)
Stewart Gordon:

> But because && and || are by far the most commonly used forms, and 
> probably most modern languages with C-derived syntax are designed on 
> this very basis, deprecating them would probably confuse the 
> programmer by making D the odd one out.

I understand this. On the other hand Python and Delphi use 'or' and 'and'
(Python is partially derived from C). I know some Python programmers interested
in D.

> D has continued this trend by doing away with the little-used and and or.

And D uses a semicolon where Java uses 'implements' and 'extends'.

> OK, so D has is and in, but these aren't things for which other 
> C-like languages have symbols

In Python 'is' and 'in' have similar semantics.

> And maybe get confused when they find that they don't behave in the 
> same way as in Perl and PHP.

Probably this is a confusion for D newbies only, while what I have suggested is
meant to help life of normal D programmers.

> How's that a bug?  When a and b are bools, they behave the same!

OK. I close this enhancement request. If I will find other bug-prone situations
I will reopen it. Thank you.

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