--- Comment #9 from Steven Schveighoffer <> 2010-09-21 
06:16:08 PDT ---
I will say the fact that sort does not use opCmp, but < does is bad.  Worse
than that, it uses a default opCmp which may appear to work but doesn't really.
 However the solution is not to disable other useful declarations of opCmp, but
rather to fix sort.  In fact, I think sort should be deprecated for
std.algorithm.sort, which does use any opCmp defined.

I'd like to see the whole "only save a function pointer in typeinfo if the
signature matches exactly" just go away.  I think we can solve these problems
in better ways.  It's a legacy thing that we can safely get rid of.

Barring that, having a designation so the compiler can make an informed
decision would be the second best option.

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