--- Comment #9 from 2010-09-23 12:27:44 PDT ---
Stewart Gordon:

> to be an error, rather than to be parsed in one of the two possible 
> ways, doesn't require the compiler to understand indentation at all.

Right, for this enhancement request the indentation is irrelevant.

See bug 4924 for something about indentation.

> If it were made an error, it wouldn't be a mere suggestion, surely?

It is meant first of all as an error.

Jonathan M Davis:

> It's the kind of thing that you add to a compiler as you're trying to
> find incremental improvements to add to a compiler that is essentially
> already complete (like gcc).

That's true if you are talking about a warning. But Walter doesn't like
warnings, and I think in this case a true error is acceptable. And if it's an
error, then it's part of the language, so you can't perform this change too
much late. In Bugzilla I have some other very small changes like this one that
are hard to do later.

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