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PDT ---
Except that this case is a classic case in computer programming with a clear
and standard solution. The grammar is totally unambiguous. I can't see Walter
ever agreeing to make it an error. No other language that I'm aware of does. A
warning makes some sense. An error does not. Granted, Walter doesn't like
warnings, but that doesn't mean that there's no way that he's going to add it,
and there's always the possibility that another D compiler down the road would
flag it as a warning. Just because Walter wouldn't want to make it a warning in
dmd doesn't mean that it should become an error.

If it's a question of error or nothing, I'm strongly behind nothing, and my
guess is that Walter will be as well. I'm fine with it becoming a warning, but
an error is too strong. The language is quite clear on the matter.

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