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Created an attachment (id=774)
corrected patch including some additions

Please ignore the previous patch, it is flawed and breaks demangling other

What is actually necessary is to call parseQualifiedName instead of parseLName
to get the full qualified name, but this involves a call to a function declared
later which does not work with local functions, so I placed the local functions
into a struct.

Included is also a bug fix decoding string literals in template arguments (line
1064). This allows to reenable the 2 failing unittest symbols.

I'm proposing to add an argument to demangle() whether the full type is
requested or just the qualified name.

I've added a function "decodeDmdString" to decompress symbols that are emitted
compressed by dmd on windows. I think it is very much related to demangling, so
it should have its place in this module, but a better name would be much

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