--- Comment #1 from Jonathan M Davis <> 2010-09-26 07:35:08 
PDT ---
Okay. daylight does matter. I misread the man page, thinking that it was
whether daylight savings time is in effect, but it's not - it's whether the
current timezone _has_ DST, which is definitely useful.

In any case, a declaration of

    extern __gshared char* tzname[2];
    extern __gshared int   daylight;

in my code seems to do the trick, but it really should be in core.stdc.time.
Also, the int on daylight makes me moderately nervous since int's size can vary
in C/C++, but there does not appear to be a c_int declared in druntime, only
c_long, otherwise I'd use that.

Looking further in core.sys.posix.time, I see a daylight (which may be the
daylight in question) and a timezone which is a c_long (whatever that's for),
but in spite of finding daylight, I still don't see tzname anywhere.

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