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--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2010-10-01 03:11:46 PDT ---
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> I noticed that sqrt(int), sqrt(uint) etc. were added to std.math in DMD 2.049
> so that you don't have to cast to float or real to calculate simple things 
> like
> sqrt(2).
> Is there any reason why integer versions haven't been added for other math
> functions, like all the trig functions, the exp/log family etc.? These would 
> be
> useful for the very same reason, and inconsistency isn't very good for library
> usability.

Yes, there is a very good reason. It's a dreadful hack.
This is the reason why I was extremely strongly opposed to those overloads
being added to std.math. They will have to be removed eventually.
Essentially, they are hack for the fact that integer literals don't implicitly
convert to double.

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