--- Comment #2 from Peter Alexander <> 2010-10-01 
05:17:33 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Essentially, they are hack for the fact that integer literals don't implicitly
> convert to double.

Aside from labelling it as a "hack" (which is personal opinion), what is your
problem with it i.e. does it actually cause any problems, or have any negative
side effects?

Normally, a hack is something that is done for short-term convenience but
introduces long-term problems (or problems that only occur in rare situations).
I fail to see any problems introduced by allowing integer arguments to these
functions, yet there is obviously a benefit to doing so (convenience).

If people want to call these functions with integers then I see no reason to
force them to tediously cast to real or float all the time. D is supposed to be
a highly expressive language, and needless casts hurt expressiveness.

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