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> On Saturday 02 October 2010 14:20:12 anonymous wrote:
> > On 2010-10-02, Jonathan M Davis <> wrote:
> > > bug reports. To actually report bugs, go here:
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> > > 
> > > - Jonathan M Davis
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> > Holy shit, not _another_ Bugzilla account.
> LOL. There do seem to be a lot of them, don't they. But then again, unless 
> you're dealing with some place like sourceforge, odds are that a project's 
> bug 
> database (bugzilla or otherwise) will be just for it, and so you'll need an 
> account specific to it. Such is the nature of the beast, I suppose. It can 
> sure 
> lead to a lot of accounts though if you report many bugs.

Unless the bug-tracker let you report bugs without having an account,
which is the only sensible thing to do! I really don't get compulsory
registration, it makes no sense (spam is the only reason I could think
of but there are captchas these days).

That's why I looooove Bugmenot: The problem is
f*cking Bugzilla don't let you subscribe to a bug with an e-mail that is
not registered -.-, but if you want to see all bugs notifications, you
can use this list for that.

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