--- Comment #2 from Austin Hastings <> 2010-10-06 14:23:59 
PDT ---

That approach would look like:

... + myLib/
... | .... + all.d

And it would (probably?) work.

But I am trying to *hide* the details - I don't want user code to change if
I elect to split a module into implemenation parts. So I'd like to start by

... + myLib.d

And then later, when it grows too big, change to:

... | myLib.d
... | myLib/
... | .... | part1.d
... | .... | part2.d

And have the user code none the wiser.

If you'd like to see a real-world example of why this is a good idea, have a
look at the std.*.d files. A bunch of them are already straining at the seams
with unrelated classes, templates, etc. And adding more unittests just makes
the situation worse.

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