--- Comment #8 from Manuel K´┐Żnig <> 2010-10-11 08:17:55 PDT ---
I have now fixed the bug, it's a trivial 7 line patch which teaches
TypeSArray::resolve(...) to recognize if it's indexing a type element. Without
the patch, TypeSArray::resolve(...) will create a 1-element-slice when indexing
a type in a tuple. This fixes the bug described in this issue.

This patch does not fix the pragma(msg, "values:    ", values); bugs, which is
caused by another bug I described in a previous comment. That one would also be
easy to fix, it's only a formatting bug, I'm just not sure how a proper patch
for that would look like.

I also tested dmd rev 714 (that one in branch dmd1.x) and my patched version of
it in dstress. No improvements, regressions or changes were introduced. I then
created a testcase that can be added to the dstress/compile/t directory, which
passes with my patch applied, but fails in dmd rev 714.

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