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--- Comment #1 from Rob Jacques <> 2010-10-24 08:47:19 PDT ---
This ICE/assertion error is also tripping up std.variant, specifically using
DMD 2.049 the following:

import std.variant;
void main(string[] args) {
    Algebraic!(This[string]) ice;

Results in an [ICE] Assertion failure: '0' on line 1103 in file 'glue.c'

Tracing this down, this is the offending piece of code.

template maxSize(T...) {
    enum size_t maxSize = T[0].sizeof;
struct This;
enum foobar = maxSize!(This[string]);

In this case, the correct error is
Error: struct This is forward referenced

This has been blocking Phobos development, both in std.variant and with regard
to improving std.json by using Algebraic, so I've upgraded the importance.

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