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            Summary|[ICE] 'impl' on line 4018   |ICE(mtype.c) void
                   |in file 'mtype.c' on void   |associative arrays
                   |associative arrays          |

--- Comment #1 from Don <> 2010-10-30 06:37:11 PDT ---
It should just be illegal to have an AA of type void. If applied to D1 as well,
this would close bug 1606 "Cannot insert to void[int]. void[int] should be a
hash set." which has been open with a patch for a thousand years.

mtype.c, line 3956, TypeAArray::semantic()
    switch (next->toBasetype()->ty)
        case Tfunction:
+        case Tvoid:
        case Tnone:
            error(loc, "can't have associative array of %s", next->toChars());
            return Type::terror;

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