On Saturday 30 October 2010 07:33:05 Guillaume Chatelet wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 3:33 PM, Don <nos...@nospam.com> wrote:
> > Guillaume Chatelet wrote:
> >> Alright my first post is almost unreadable so restarting with the http
> >> version...
> >> Hope it's going to be better.
> > 
> > Why are you using version 2.008??? It was one of the first 'proof of
> > concept' alpha test versions. It wasn't intended for serious use. Any
> > version prior to about 2.040 was useful only for finding the most severe
> > compiler bugs.
> Thx Don for the reply. It actually is the only version available for Gentoo
> right now, so I'm going to see if anyone's interested in bringing a more
> recent version of DMD for this distribution.

Just download the zip file. It's easy to to just put it in your home directory 
somewhere and use it. Sure, it would be great if gentoo got a more up-to-date 
version, but you can just download it yourself and use it quite easily, and 
self-contained if you don't copy the files to /usr/bin and the like, so 
uninstalling it later is a breeze.

- Jonathan M Davis

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