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--- Comment #3 from Shin Fujishiro <> 2010-11-02 22:11:39 PDT 
Patch against dmd r737.

--- src/template.c
+++ src/template.c
@@ -4304,11 +4304,7 @@ TemplateDeclaration
*TemplateInstance::findTemplateDeclaration(Scope *sc)
         if (s->parent &&
             (ti = s->parent->isTemplateInstance()) != NULL)
-            if (
-                (ti->name == id ||
-                 ti->toAlias()->ident == id)
-                &&
-                ti->tempdecl)
+            if (ti->tempdecl && ti->tempdecl->ident == id)
                 /* This is so that one can refer to the enclosing
                  * template, even if it has the same name as a member

Getting 'ti' for recognizing recursion is good; but the identifier should be
compared with the one of a TemplateDeclaration, not the TemplateInstance.  As
happened in the reported bug, ti->name is not always the appropriate identifier
for recursion check.

The patch removes ti->toAlias() for good.  TemplateInstance::toAlias() does
*not* resolve alias of itself; as seen in its implementation, it actually
returns the "result" of the template and makes no sense.  'id' has to be
compared with ti->tempdecl->ident.

The patch passed dmd, druntime and phobos tests.  It couldn't pass the broken
test (runnable/interpret.d) though.

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