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--- Comment #1 from Lars T. Kyllingstad <> 2010-11-05 
04:38:32 PDT ---
This is actually two separate issues.

The first is a Phobos issue, namely that there should be a template constraint
on std.array.front() that prevents it from being instantiated on void[] arrays.
 front() is defined as something like

    T front(T)(T[] array) { return array[0]; }

You cannot index into a void[] array, hence the first error message.  This also
means that void[] cannot be a range.

The second is the issue of the wrong line number, which is a bug in DMD. I'm
guessing it's just bug 1913 again, so I'm marking this one as a Phobos issue.

In the case of a void[] returned from, you need to cast it to
ubyte[] before using it as a range.

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